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Thursday, January 24, 2013

3-2-1 Chapter Review for The Desolate Garden

3-2-1 Chapter Review for The Desolate Garden by Danny Kemp.

A spy thriller where Harry Paterson is recruited by the British Secret Service to help solve the mystery of his father’s murder.

I was introduced to The Desolate Garden and its taxi driving author via Twitter (I guess it works!) and it was as much Danny Kemp’s varied bio and priors as it was the promise of a good thriller that influenced my choosing to review The Desolate Garden. This is my 3-2-1 Chapter Review:

The Good – Easy and thoughtful methods of introducing the lifestyle and looks of the main character, Harry.

The Good – Loved the confidence of Judith, you really want to get to know her more.

The Good – Great early twist to the tale and chapter one ends with so many mysterious open doors as to where the story will go.

The Bad – Some of the sentences could have been a little smoother in their execution.

The Bad – The information on the lamb-eye-eating crows seemed a little forced and over detailed considering it was an unknown policeman in his home and as a visit from one is usually associated with bad news, I would have expected the immediate focus to be on that.

The Beautiful - ‘The first time I saw her was three days after I was told that my father had died.’

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