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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3-2-1 Chapter Review for Anyone But Him

3-2-1 Chapter Review for Anyone But Him by Sheila O'Flanagan.

A widowed mother meets a man old enough to be her son, much to the detriment of her two daughters.

I passed over this book for a few other choices in the local Greek library, but finally it made it to 'best option'. It would have got there a lot sooner if I'd read it before (yes I know - egg before the chicken and all that jazz!). I found Anyone But Him to be right on the outside edge of chick lit, well written and difficult to put down. So here's my 3-2-1 Chapter One Review.

The Good - Andie touches the necklace just gifted to her by her lover, Tom at a moment when she's feeling particularly nervous and you can almost feel Andie gather strength and confidence from it.

The Good - The characters are all very humanised, something to like and dislike about all of them, which is how it should be.

The Good - Andie is attending her shared birthday party and Sheila O'Flanagan sets us up with a lovely little mystery as to why Tom isn't attending too, as they are so obviously in love.

The Bad - Walks across a lawn in posh dress and her posh sandals sink in the mud and she arrives at the door covered in muddy shoes then doesn't go to clean them. I fully recognise I would probably be the only person anal enough to be bothered by this fact.

The Bad - Two small bad for the price of one; I think the agreed spoon gifting was a little overworked and the term 'oneupmanship' was used three times... in one chapter... hmmm!

The Beautiful - 'She wondered if it was actually possible to be the sort of person you knew you should be, or whether everyone's efforts were doomed to failure.'

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