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Saturday, December 1, 2012

I did it!

I did it! I did it! I said that I would do it and indeed I did!

Ending on 50,088 words of draft 1 of Living Scars - my first novel. What a journey that was. Learned somethings. Relearned other things. Worked my socks and shoes off. Most importantly had fun. Will I do it again next year? I think that will depend on whether I've conquered my tendency to procrastinate :) Thanks to you all for your support waves sent through the air - signals received loud and clear.


  1. Marva: congrats-anytime you write 'the end' it's a great moment and a great day. I gather it was part of the nano-whatever novel movement which is a great prod for writing. I tried it but only got one chapter in.
    Writing because I stumbled on you while twittering. Lot of things about you interest. I haven't done screen plays but came up with plenty of treatments. Sounds weird, but i've always been a novel/short story kind until I got into scripting comic books. And while I was doing that, I got into thinking in screenplay mode. As I say, I've never done enough work to finish a screenplay and probalby never will - i have too much on my plate as is - but I admire people that can and do screenplay or theater plays - or comic book scripts.
    Read your bit about the short story collection. And the title of 'livid scars' indicates we might have kindred sensibilities. I'm writing a million-word epic about two people who fell in love, never fell out of love but fell out of marriage, and are trying in their late 30s and 40s to build new lives. There's also courtroom drama, drugs, thugs, killer cops, international drug cartels, four-way international love-quadrangles?- I gather you do reviews. If any of that souinds interesting, you can find "When We Were Married -Volume One - The Long Fall" at
    If it sounds good, holler at me and i'll shoot you a PDF or gift you a copy from Amazon.

  2. Hey Daniel, thanks for the comments and yes I'd be interested in doing a 3-2-1 Chapter Review on your novel. PDF will be fine and here's my email -

    I only do the review on the first chapter, but if you send me the whole book I'll read it :)

    My experience is the opposite me thinks - I started off with scripts then in that process took up short stories, although I agree - they are definitely more enjoyable because I find it easier to play with words to get the magic in a story format. But it's all a learning curve isn't it.