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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


By Marva Gregorio De Souza

We all have moments in our life when nothing feels in order. They highlight the times of peace, tranquility and almost perfectly happy.

John was devoid of peace and tranquility, almost perfectly happy never knocked at his door. Perhaps never is the wrong adjective in this case, for almost perfectly happy knocked once. John hit it square between the eyes. Nicholas. Nicholas came bearing fruits of a love John refused to face. Refused to acknowledge his distinct sadness. His empty heart. Dusty soul. The social pain of transforming into the butterfly mold destiny fashioned for him caused John to spend his whole life running in reverse, nursing the pain of misplaced purpose whenever it was too keen to be ignored.

We all have moments in our life when everything feels in order. They placate the times of misery, confusion and loneliness.

The End