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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Charlie's Talent - a short story

Charlie’s Talent

by Marva Gregorio De Souza

Charlie was unremarkable in most aspects. He did not particularly excel in class, neither was he particularly rebellious as teenagers come and go. His hair was not overly long or overly short. The closet in his room was filled with jeans and T’s that could blend in with a hundred-thousand teenagers’ jeans and T’s across the country. He did nothing to make his parents proud, but nothing to make them stay up at night worrying.

Charlie was unremarkable in most aspects, except for one. Charlie possessed a special talent that was the envy of all his male classmates. An envy shared by the few adult males aware of it. He could not officially take pride in his skill, which, although extremely rare and precious, was a natural ability bestowed on him through no manipulation on his part. He could, however, take pride in the diligence applied to the practicing of his talent.

Charlie was able to put his own penis in his mouth. He discovered this when he was 14 and spent the next 2 years enjoying the fact. His enjoyment increased tenfold when he discovered that none of his friends were able to do this. It gave him a sense of individuality, as if his was a special calling and something to bestow upon the world.

Charlie was yet to work out how he could serve the world with this talent. He would often be in his room, on his bed, back against the wall, head down, penis in his mouth and his mind churning over the various options accredited to him when he turned 18. At the top of the list was pornographic stardom. Charlie’s mind still happily resided at the first and only item on his list. He was eluded by thoughts of becoming the key subject in a medical study and evaded by the unique educational possibilities, to train both male and female disciples, on the fine art of fellatio. He would own the sex industry, as Microsoft owns computer software.

Charlie was deformed. His forehead was deeply furrowed due to constantly raising his eyebrows so he could see straight ahead. He was unable to see straight ahead without raising his eyebrows due to his head constantly being held at a 90 degree angle to his body. His head was held at a 90 degree angle to his body due to the extreme curving of his cervix and his neck was obviously curved due to his pertinacity in pursuing his talent.

Charlie was ill. His heart and lungs were suffering from the consistent stress they were subject to as he curled up over his penis. Breath left his body with the rasping sound of a 95 year old with severe bronchitis. The haphazard rhythm of his heart was a major study in itself.

Charlie was oblivious to the direct correlation of his growing deformities and increasing ill health and the vast amount of time dedicated to his talent. Neither had he considered his deformities and ill health as a wedge keeping the doors to the sex industry firmly closed to him. Charlie was barely aware of anything situated outside the realm of his mouth and penis.

Charlie was unremarkable in most aspects, but Charlie was happy with his own company.


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